The standard American diet is too high in sodium and too low in potassium. A 2008 study from Harvard Medical School showed that people who ate twice as much potassium as sodium could cut their risk of cardiovascular disease by half!

Our bodies only need about 500 milligrams of sodium daily. Many adults consume five times that amount. The older you are, the less salt you should eat. To lower your dietary sodium:

  • Instead of salt, use spices such as turmeric and rosemary.
  • Buy “low-salt” canned foods – most canned foods are oversalted to make up for their bland taste. It’s easy to exceed your daily limit of salt with just one can of soup. ALWAYS check the label!
  • Eat more real foods and less packaged. Foods that grow (fruits, vegetables, whole grains) are naturally high in potassium and low in sodium.

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