What are the health secrets of the people who live, and live healthily, until one hundred years old?
Here are just some of the longevity-boosting habits that most centenarians have in common:

1) They Move. Their joints don’t have a chance to get stiff or their bones and muscles frail.

2) They Love. They have deep meaningful relationships.

3) They’re Lean. They aren’t necessarily skinny; they are lean – which means that they have just the right amount of body fat for their body type. They maintain their weight by maintaining muscle.

4) They Eat Pure. They eat real foods (mostly fruits, vegetables, and fish) and avoid processed foods and chemical additives.

5) They Laugh. Humor is therapeutic. Laughing produces endorphins known as a “happy” brain chemical that acts as natural pain killer.

6) They Think. Mental exercise, such as crossword puzzles, keeps their minds active.

7) They Sleep. Quality sleep is more important than people realize. Sleep is a time when every system has a chance to relax and repair itself.